Collecting Vintage Football Cards

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1933 Silver Borders Matchcover
Red Grange
1913 Green Bay Coffeen

1948 Bowman
Kenny Washington

1933 Grange Silver Matchcover

1965 Topps Namath

   Looking to help entertain your friends at the next football game watch party? Here, in one convenient package, you can become the most erudite football card expert in your circle!
   Dazzle them with your knowledge of the Mayo "Anonymous," the National Chicle Nagurski, the 1965 Topps oversized Namath. It's all right here. Everything you need to know about vintage American football cards! Nationally recognized football card experts Mike Bonner and Carl Lamendola have written the ultimate hobby guide.
   Their lively, well-researched chapters are supplemented with unique checklists and images of rare items. A must-read for advanced collectors and novices alike.
   For over twenty years, Mike and Carl have collaborated on insightful articles about the vintage football card hobby. This book is the newest and most comprehensive edition of their cutting-edge work in the field..

About the Book:

   The following description tells prospective purchasers about our vintage football card book, entitled COLLECTING VINTAGE FOOTBALL CARDS, A Complete Guide with Checklists:

      No other book like ours is currently available to the hobby at large. Misinformation about these rare and unique cards exists and our book is painstakingly researched and detailed. To accompany this book, we will publish at least 100 gorgeous nowhere-else-to-be seen vintage football card illustrations on this web site.

   This is the life's work of two nationally recognized football card authorities, Mike Bonner and Carl Lamendola. Our journey through the card hobby’s labyrinthine nooks and crannies has been detailed in over three dozen informative articles published during the past eleven years.

   What makes our book particularly interesting is new material on little-known vintage football cards, and the incredible range of outstanding football card graphics exclusive to the authors.

   It is only in our well-written, compact hobby guide that rare specimens of the football card hobby can be glimpsed by average collectors. Our unique book tells it all:

   We have football cards from the years right after Walter Camp standardized the rules in 1883, creating the game we now know as American Football. The book includes a pristine copy of the highly sought first player card, Henry Ward Beecher.

   We tell the story of the 1894 P. H. Mayo Anonymous card, possibly the most valuable of all football items.

   We celebrate exquisitely rare 1920s football cards, long forgotten, that feature such stars as Harold “Red” Grange and other Jazz Age greats.

   Our book brings to light two new separate card series from the 1930s, the 1937 Mayfair Candies and the 1932 C. A. Briggs offering, as well chapters on the coveted Universal matchbook sets.

   Along with this choice material, our book provides a comprehensive chronicle of the vintage football card hobby, from its start in the 1880s to its formal close in 1989. We cover every known set, from the most common and classic to the most rare and select.

   As the Twentieth Century proceeded, more oddball and unusual football cards came to the attention of the public. Our chapters on sets ranging from the Ropeco Club cards to the 1959 Bazooka set are highly informative, for novice and veteran collectors alike.

   From the 1950s through the 1960s and 1970s, Topps Chewing Gum dominated the hobby, producing sets that were a mix of good and bad. Our book describes these products in detail, pointing out instances where unique circumstances converged to make one card or set more collectible, leaving others in the dust.

   Finally, we’ve completed the package by supplying readers with some rare checklists to help the track premier vintage items.

   All in all, we feel we will have supplied a complete vintage hobby guide, one that any collector of football cards will want to own not only as a reference, but for reading pleasure.

   We hope you like this website and the many rare, interesting football cards it contains!

1959 Bazooka Tracy

1948 Bowman Wrapper

1950 Otto Graham Bread Label